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Tokeena Angus
A National Historic Angus Herd focusing on forage-based cattle for over 70 years. Tokeena cattle blend both the ability to perform in a low-input management model, yet not sacrifice pounds of profit for us and our customers.

JANUARY 27, 2024

The Tokeena Story

A family run farm for nearly 100 years.
The Beginning

The Beginning

In 1922, prompted by the decline of the cotton economy and the loss of top soil across the upstate, Walter Houlu McPhail left Clemson College to start what would become Tokeena Angus.

A Pioneer of Cattle Farming

A Pioneer of Cattle Farming

Houlu believed that cattle, not cotton, would be the crop of the future and had the foresight to recognize the importance of a cool season grazer, planting fescue grass on his farm.

Today's Tokeena

Today's Tokeena

Today, the Angus herd is managed by Neil McPhail and his wife Gwen. The highlight each year is a performance-tested sale that includes Tokeena-sired females that are bought back from past customers.

Our Cattle

Since 1936, the main focus at Tokeena has been top performing cattle who do their job on grass. Our current foundation females carry the genetics of Basin Max 602C and Vermillion Payweight J847. Payweight blood runs deep throughout the Tokeena herd, but we’ve introduced new lines including EXAR Advance, Basin Deposit and Curtin Resource . We continue to line-breed for efficiency on grass without loss of carcass quality.

Tokeenas Payweight 0E18 0L23


Tokeenas Payweight 0H8 8M2


Tokeenas Cash 0J19 2B18


Commercial Black Baldy Bull Lot 22