Herd Foundation

Since 1936, the main focus at Tokeena has been top performing cattle who do their job on grass. Our current foundation females carry the genetics of Basin Max 602C and Vermillion Payweight J847. Payweight blood runs deep throughout the Tokeena herd, but we’ve introduced new lines including EXAR Advance, Basin Deposit and Curtin Resource . We continue to line-breed for efficiency on grass without loss of carcass quality.
Basin Payweight 1682

The Tokeena Bull

Backed by Generations of Performance

The Tokeena Bull is backed by over 80 years of performance selection, proven and dependable to provide both the commercial and purebred breeder with performance, maternal power, and reliability.



Scrotal size has always been a major criteria at Tokeena. Scrotal measurements as well as semen testing and evaluation ensures that a bull will get the job done in breeding your cows.



Selection for performance is based on balance rather than maximums. A Tokeena bull will sire a calf that will be profitable at weaning as well as replacement heifers that will allow you to sustain your program.


No Fat Bulls

Tokeena bulls are developed on a low calorie forage diet. There are no lethargic, poor breeders that “melt-down” during the breeding season. These bulls are fit and athletic to perform their intended purpose.



Tokeena screens each bull for docility and attitude. Problems are culled.

The Tokeena Cow

What keeps you in the cattle business – Over 80 Years Of Selection Pressure

Many times, we focus on the performance of a bull or heifer, however, without the productive cow that produced them we have little to nothing in the cattle industry. The cow is the single most important individual in a cow/calf operation, regardless if you are a commercial producer or Seedstock Purebred herd. The cow is what makes it all work as she is responsible for producing and raising a calf that is profitable.



A cow needs to give birth and raise a calf to weaning every 365 days and breed back while raising that calf. Note the calving interval of the dams of bulls selling and the females being offered.


Weaning Ratio

The progeny weaning ratio reflects a cow’s productivity of raising that calf to weaning. A ratio of 100 is average. Note the production of the mothers of these bulls and the females that are selling.


Environmental Adaptability

The cattle at Tokeena are expected to produce and function in less than ideal conditions. Our cows are managed like most commercial herds in the country – low inputs must maintain profitability.