Annual Performance Tested Bull & Female Sale

January 24-25, 2020

Annual Performance Tested Bull & Heifer Sale

January 24-25, 2020

January 24
January 25

Noon – Dark : Cattle available for viewing

6pm : Program & Dinner


9am – 1pm: Cattle available for viewing

11am : Lunch Available

1pm : Sale

Load out begins at the conclusion of the sale

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The Tokeena Bull

Backed By Generations of Performance

The Tokeena Bull is backed by over 80 years of performance selection. He is built upon superior Angus blood that is proven and dependable to provide both the commercial and purebred breeder with performance, maternal power, and proven reliability. The McPhails have selected and utilized top AI Sires and have purchased superior herd bulls from around the country as far west as Montana.

Scrotal size has always been a major criteria at Tokeena. Scrotal measurements as well as semen testing and evaluation insures that a bull will get the job done in breeding your cows.

Performance is important. Selection for performance is based on balance rather than maximums. A Tokeena bull will sire a calf crop that will grade high, weight-up and pay-up, thus maximizing your profits at weaning. With a strong emphasis on the maternal traits, a Tokeena bull will also provide you with a set of replacement heifers that will allow you to sustain your program.

No Fat Bulls:
Tokeena bulls are developed and measured on a low calorie forage diet. You will not find fat bulls that are lethargic, poor breeders that “melt-down” during the breeding season. Many of these bulls, under good conditions, will gain weight during the breeding season. These bulls are fit and athletic to perform their intended purpose. Leaner bulls are better breeders and last longer for Tokeena customers.

Another key trait that is often overlooked by other programs is docility. Tokeena screens each bull for docility and attitude. Problems are eliminated so as not to pass this trait onto their customer.

The Tokeena bull provides value. The combination of performance backed by great cows, fertility and production traits yields value to your program. When you view the commercial heifers selling in this offering, you will see just what a Tokeena bull can do for you.

The Tokeena Cow

What keeps you in the cattle business – Over 80 Years Of Selection Pressure

Many times, we focus on the performance of a bull or heifer, however, without the productive cow that produced them we have little to nothing in the cattle industry. The cow is the single most important individual in a cow/calf operation, regardless if you are a commercial producer or Seedstock Purebred herd. The cow is what makes it all work as she is responsible for producing and raising a calf that is profitable

A cow needs to give birth and raise a calf to weaning every 365 days and breed back while raising that calf. Fertility is measured by the interval between calves born for a cow. The closer to 365 days the more fertile a cow is. Note the calving interval of the dams of bulls selling and the females being offered. This is a highly fertile program.

Weaning Ratio:
The progeny weaning ratio reflects a cow’s productivity of raising that calf to weaning. A ratio of 100 is herd average. A ratio from 95 to 105 is ideal. Again, note the production of the mothers of these bulls and the females selling.

Environmental Adaptability:
We have many different environments to grow cattle in this country. We also have many different management systems to raise and develop cattle. This has been a challenging year at Tokeena Angus with severe drought, yet the cattle have thrived and continued to produce and function in less than ideal conditions. A good cow has the ability to adapt to the conditions she is given, and the ability to continue to produce. Tokeena is managed on forage in a low-input paradigm. They are managed like most commercial herds in the country; low-inputs with high rewards and profitability.

The Tokeena Cow is the focus of the program. She is the factory that makes the program work and function in good times and in bad times. She is the mother of your next herd bull that will provide you with performance, production, fertility and a great set of replacement heifers to sustain your cattle program. This sale offering is your opportunity to take advantage of over 80 years of selection pressure on the good cow

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